Hi Friends,

Am back after a break...We shifted to a new place. After moving all by ourselves and setting up our new home am back to blogging.. :)

Yesterday being a full moon day (Pournami) we performed Sathyanarayana Pooja. This pooja can be done on any day, full moon day is supposed to be more auspicious...

Here I post the recipe for the prasadam thats made for the pooja...


Rava/ Sooji: 1 cup
Ghee: 3/4 cup
Sugar: 1 cup
Milk: 2 cup
1/2 Thinly sliced Banana


Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the ghee. When it melts add the rava and roast over a medium flame. When it is slightly brown, add the banana and saute well.
When this mixture is well roasted add the milk, mix well without lumps and cook with the lid closed.
After about 2 mins when the mixture is cooked, add sugar and mix well. 
Heat till the sugar melts and mixes well with the rest of the ingredients. 
The prasadam is ready when the ghee starts leaving the sides. 

The speciality of the dish is that it doesnt use any cardamom or cashew or raisin like the normal kesari/sheera. The flavour comes from the banana and ghee. 

Ciao till next time...Have fun! Vidya.


Ann said...

Wow.. this sounds so yummy and Love the idea of Banana to it. Thanks for sharing.

Vidya said...

Thanks Ann, do try it...am sure you'll like it